B2B Tip #32 – Don’t Try to Sell Anything
If no one has ever told you this – let me be the first.

People DO NOT like to be ‘sold.’ They like ‘to buy’ stuff.

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to improve your sales is to quit trying so hard. And always remember that people buy benefits (the hole a drill makes, not the drill) – not features (it’s light and fast.)

1. They like to buy stuff – they don’t like to ‘be sold’ stuff …
2. They respond quicker to a ‘want’ than a ‘need’ …
3. They avoid pain faster than seeking pleasure most times.

So – if for no other reason than ‘testing’ – rethink your own processeses and test some new theories. See if you get different results. At least you’ll make your potential customers more comfortable as you concentrate more on them and less on yourself.

Become an Assistant Buyer – instead of a ‘Salesperson.’

Don’t try to sell anything. Help people buy it instead …

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