B2B Tip #31 – Pace Yourself
Tires screaming … beads of sweat dripping into your eyes … everything around you a blur …

Does this describe you as you attempt to launch , market, or publicize your business?

Relax. Don’t worry … 😉 … be a long-distance runner instead of a sprinter. Take a hint from nature. Even the fastest of the big cats can only run super-fast for a very limited period of time.

Then they crumble into a pile to rest.

Are you in “a pile” right now? Headed for one?

Then today – relax for a change.

Enjoy the journey …

If you act desperate – you are. If you act needy – you are. People pick up on this stuff, so you’re not fooling anybody … and you’re really hurting yourself more than you’re helping.

Business takes time because relationships take time. (And all business is built on relationships before it’s built on products.)

All JVs (Joint Ventures) are all about relationships, too – not products.

So – relax today – enjoy the adventure. Keep your confidence level high.

Expect a ‘yes.’

You’ll do much better today if you’ll pace your race.

© Chip Tarver
The B2B Relationship Pro
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