B2B Tip #28 – A Little Goes a Long Way
If you’re like many people, you waste more than 21 minutes each day just deciding what you’re going to do ‘today.’

What if you could rethink and retool those 21 minutes into a disciplined section of time that would set up and lay out the rest of your day … making your whole day more fulfilling and more profitable?

Would you do it?

What matters most is what you do day after day, consistently heading toward your goals and dreams. Each of us at times gets sidetracked. No big deal. Just get back on course.

But what if you don’t know your course?

If you’ll invest time each day in acquiring and honing leadership skills, over the long haul your assets compound like interest and you enjoy substantial growth. Your ‘course’ reveals itself to you …

Then there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

You’ll become more effective in every area of your life.

And it all starts with a small daily investment in you.

It’s OK to make mistakes. Fail fast and fail forward. Every failure gets you closer to success …

The bad part is when you do nothing, or do something and fail – and then immediately give up. As I’ve said before, you can’t lose till you quit.

Your success odds are never worse than 50/50 … something will work or it won’t. Why not try?

No matter where you are right now, you can learn new skills and new ways of thinking – and you and your leadership skills can (and will) grow.

If you want a great and helpful tool to put you on this enlightening journey, get the book “The 21 Most Important Minutes in a Leader’s Day” by John C. Maxwell (Thomas Nelson – 2000.)

It’s a life changer, to be sure …

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