We should keep on hand a basic tool list for plumbing repairs. That will allow us to fix future problems in a faster manner. It does not take us too long to prepare the list, and if we use Internet we can accelerate the creation of this list.plumbing services
First of all, let’s put those basic items we must keep at home:

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers
Metal File
Pipe Wrench
Adjustable Wrench
Tubing Cutter
Closet Auger
Fire-Resistant Cloth
Eye Protection Lens
Propane Torch

There may be a lot of other fixtures and tools that we may need for a specific situation that we face in our home but if we list every single item, then we would need to set up a hardware store in our backyard. This is not the purpose and we do not really need to be at that level.
If there is a case that we can not fix the problem with basic tools, then the most recommended action is to call for a plumber. I know this cost a little more but in the long run, this will be less costly that building a replicate of a hardware store.

With time and experience you may find that some tools are more needed than others. In that case I recommend you to get a second one. You may also find that some tools are not really used during three to five years. In that case you can sell it out or give it as a gift for a friend.
When you buy a tool you will receive information. You will know that this tool is needed, and you may need it in the future. You will also know that people will ask to borrow it when they need it because you have a basic tool list for plumbing problems on hand.plumbing repairs

In that case go and buy a duplicate tool that you can loan. Also keep track of who borrowed the tool. It may not be returned. Do not get angry. Learn from experience. As I tell you, buy another one in advance. And also you may not loan it anymore. But if you do, just think you are helping somebody for a low price, just the cost of a tool.

In the process you will be a good person who helps other people to solve plumbing problems by lending a hand in the form of useful tools that you keep at home. This will be another reason having a basic tool list for plumbing repairs.