B2B Tip #38 – Convert More Visitors to Sales
Part One
Having traffic to your web site is wonderful.

… And mandatory for your survival …

But if your product, copy, call-to-action, or offer are weak and don’t convert visitors into customers, you have a bigger problem to consider.

In a word … conversion … converting these prospects into sales.

Here are five ways to help immediately increase your conversion rate, all of which will convert more of your traffic into sales and deposit a lot more money in your bank:

1. Improve your sales letter.
If this is your home page, landing page, whatever – there’s nothing more important right up front than your sales letter. You need at least basic copywriting skills to craft a decent sales letter.

2. Change Your Headline.
If the first thing people see (your headline) is weak – will they be enticed or intrigued to read the rest of your sales letter? (probably not)

3. Put your biggest benefit at the top.
You have to hit ’em between the eyes with the biggest reasons to do business with you. If your big benefits don’t get the job done, the visitor won’t be there long enough to read your smaller benefits.

4. Bullets.
Again – put your big benefits first – in attention-grabbing bullets, and then you can also explain in more details why each bullet is a big benefit of your product or service. People buy benefits – not features …

5. Cadence and flow.
Your sales letter needs rhythm … flow … interest … pace … and it needs to take people on a journey, as if you were taking a walk together talking about your product. Be conversational. Be interesting.

Some smart folks have said that there’s no such thing as a sales letter that’s too long – but there is such a thing as a sales letter that’s too boring.

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