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“Business to Business Relationships”

Top Business and Marketing Experts and Entrepreneurs Reveal For The First Time Exactly How You Can Contact Anyone, Any Time For Any Reason!”

(You’ll now learn the most important KEYS and feel the buzz of excitement from achieving real business to business success, sustaining long-term  business profitability, and you’ll be completelyamazed when you see these profitable techniques used by these Business Entrepreneurs and Marketing Experts)

Business to Business Networking with the people you need

Works great for your home-based businesses

Learn Joint Venture methods others won’t share

Making profitable first contacts on your first try

Building your long-term profitable business relationships

Small business to business marketing secrets for you

Setting up your co-op marketing with others

Starting your business right

Your Business opportunity marketing success

Internet business techniques that work for you

Doing JVs with the people you want to work with

Leveraging other people’s customer lists

All around better business for you now

A Truly Unprecedented Home Study Course Written The Most Impressive Group Of Business Success Experts and Entrepreneurs
Ever Brought Together To Work On One Project …

Update Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2017
From the desk of: Chip Tarver
Re: Only 24 courses left before next price increase

Want Some Truthful Answers?

    • Dear New Friend,

      Thank you for visiting.  I want you to try this amazing business to business course at absolutely zero (ZERO) risk to yourself.  Read on and see how you can do this right now and learn all the “nuts ‘n’ bolts” about (and don’t dare miss the “PS” at the end of this page) …
    • Business to Business Success
    • Home-based Business Opportunity Success
    • Home-based Business to Business Techniques
    • Business Opportunity Success
    • Small Business to Business Networking
    • Internet Business to Business Relationships
    • Small Business to Business Marketing
    • Starting your own Business
    • Better Business Through Joint Ventures
    • Consider this …

      What happens to 9 out of every 10 people? (and virtually every successful person agrees that you have to master these skills?) They don’t know how to …
      • Build business to business relationships that are super-profitable over a long time frame  

      • Take advantage of home-based business to business opportunities by learning how to make profitable contacts and introductions every time

      • Begin their home-based business the right way through building solid, long-term relationships that are fun, profitable, and long-lasting

      • Take quick advantage of business to business opportunities through co-op shared marketing (how to get in on it)

      • Grow their small business by modeling (copying) the success of others, saving themselves a ton of time and money

      • Start and grow a super-profitable Internet business by learning the real and truthful ways to do joint ventures and implement small business to business marketing principles with other marketers and companies, leveraging their customer base as if it were your very own (at no cost to you)

    • Every other business, marketing, and educational product you buy will be immediately worth more to you once you first understand and use this first, most important skill …

“What Comes Before Business to Business Relationships”

    • Before you can ever be really successful at anything … any job … any career … before you can build long-term, profitable business to business relationships … you need to know how to easily and efficiently contact the right people, properly introduce yourself, quickly establish your value, generate interest, and build relationships …

      That’s a tall order, isn’t it?  Not any more … 😉 …

      And by the way, you cannot find this product anywhere else at any price.  I personally put it together and you are in the right place right now to see it all for yourself  …

      You’re about to learn how you can quickly and easily contact any person you wish to contact, for any reason, at any time, and be successful on your first attempt.  If that statement doesn’t set you on fire a little bit – your wood is wet!  Just imagine for a moment how consistent success feels …

 What If …

Haven’t you asked yourselfHow can I create the right business to business relationships and get together with the right business people in my daily life (on or off the Net) who know how to make things happen?
Haven’t you asked yourself, “How can all the businesspeople who claim to have the answers I need actually be telling the truth?”
Well – if you can you imagine yourself sending an email or making a business phone call … and being successful at accomplishing your goal on the first try … you’re in the right place.
You’ve wondered, “How can I learn to get through the clutter and the noise?”  Let your imagination recall these business to business questions and challenges you face every day …
Being unsure, unprepared, or unwelcome is frustrating – not fun.
Being ignored is not fun.  You need some truthful answers from someone like me who won’t mislead you.  I’m that person … and you’re about to get the real truth right now …
    • Being unsure, unprepared, or unwelcome is frustrating – not fun.  
    • Being ignored is not fun.  You need some truthful answers from someone like me who won’t mislead you.  I’m that person … and you’re about to get the real truth right now …
What to do?
  • When to do it?
  • Where to get honest help and the right resources?
  • Who to believe?
  • Who is the best person to work with?
  • Why?
  • Will they notice me?
If you have tried to get your personal business to business marketing efforts cranked up (or if you are now ready to get started) but you feel like its so darn difficult – youre not alone.  I also wondered how to break down the walls and get going – until 2003 – when I assembled these previously untold Rules and Secrets of Doing The Business Dealinto an amazing single system, with the single purpose of helping you learn how …

Want To Know Exactly How?

  • You’re in one of two classes:
    1. You need lots of help making business to business contacts … or …
    2. You’re OK at it, but want to learn the ways to excel …
    Imagine for a moment if you knew how to make it happen … if you knew where the real secrets and unspoken rules to breaking into The Big Game were locked away … and if you had access to them all RIGHT NOW?
    Not one in a thousand people would know what you know.
    You want to discover how to connect with the right businesspeople who can help you reach the pinnacle of marketing and business to business success in the shortest time at the lowest cost.  Only the experienced Players who’ve made every mistake in the book can give you those answers and save you tons of time and mountains of money right now.
    They already done it, they’re doing it now – every day – and they’ll help you avoid tons of silly, embarrassing, costly mistakes (if you listen to what they teach you.)
    Listen to them  what their proven business to business experience and techniques reveal to you will help you finally get connected to anyone, any time, for any reason
    Before now, their lips were sealed.  Not any more.  When you want to get noticed before everyone else who’s competing for attention  First Contact Secrets reveals exactly how to really make it happen for you.  Quickly …
    So regardless of your particular business to business goals, your particular personality, your particular home-based or brick-and-mortar market, your level of experience, or your personal motivation – theres definitely a ton of sage wisdom and incredibly helpful business information in this course that will immediately benefit you right now.
    But you have to WANT it …
    Today.  This very minute.  Keep reading
  • Here Your Key

  • How many times have you tried to generate business to business contacts by phone or email, and been ignored without even the courtesy of a simple response?
  • Doesn’t that aggravate you?  
    You cannot fix rude people, so you need the real keys to getting noticed and the rock- solid ability to rise above all the noise and clutter all busy businesspeople endure every day.
    You simply must know and understand the correct ways to make a great business to business First Contact.  You have to know how to establish your value … quickly … how to …
    • make the perfect introductory phone call,
    • write the perfect email that gets opened, read, and responded to,
    • and how to follow up with people by being politely persistent instead of a pest
    Without this information, you’re just more noise in the crowd …
    Do you really want to be considered ‘noise?’
  •  The Real Secret Is…

  • Plain and simple. You must get connected to the right businesspeople (there’s just no substitute.)
    Your Keys To The Business To Business Kingdom come from  knowing how to contact (and be accepted by) the businesspeople you want to reach.  Your FCS teachers will help propel your career at the speed of a Saturn rocket.  You’ll learn the correct initial approaches and contacts – the most important skills youever learn (if your goal is to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.)
    Now you dont have to learn it all the expensive hard way like I did, investing my valuable time over months and months.  You dont have to invest the tens of thousands of dollars I invested.  You don’t have to travel coast-to-coast across America from Orlando, Florida to San Francisco, California.
    And Ill prove to you that I really know what Im talking about here.  I developed this whole First Contact Secrets System in four months, just for youFirst Contact Secrets is fresh, right-now, current information you can use.
    TodayRight Now …
  • It Never Fails …

  • Yes – you have a real, viable problem … but it’s one we can solve together.  
    Today …
    Most people typically blow their first and only chance to make a great (and lasting) first impression.  Do you?  Or do you have 100% success every day?
    But – revealing the proven and precise ways to break through the noise and clutter surrounding all busy and successful businesspeople isn’t easy.  Even if I sat you down and tried to show you all the “Tricks of The Trade,” you’d never figure it out in one sitting (which is why you’ll get two free consulting certificates when you get your own no-risk copy of FCS below.)
    Like most people you’ll blow lots of your chances with some important businesspeople, too (until you learn the right way to do it … [that’s the truth] ) …
    Properly learning this stuff takes some study, diligence, practice, and effort to master.  And it’s worth your effort (if you’re willing to make the effort and learn.)
    But are you willing to invest the time and money to achieve your dreams?  Do you understand that what you’re attempting to do is a real business?  Are you really serious, or do you just talk a good game?  Do you really want to control your time and your income – or is that just a clever phrase?  (Answer the question … ;-))
  • The Good News For You Is …

  • I’ve recruited 43 of the greatest business to business marketers in the world who feel like I do.
    They want to help you learn the ropes if you’re serious enough to get a copy of FCS.  These Players came out from behind the curtain to tell you exactly how to do deals with the people you need to do deals with every day …
    They can help anybody  even you.
    They know watching the game from the bench is no fun.  Hey – they used to ride the bench, too  but not any more … now they’re Players.  But they also know people who won’t invest in the right tools and the right business to business resources are not worth helping …
    Are you willing?  
    (That’s the most important question you have to decide and answer.)
    I promise I can teach you these important techniques if you’re willing to do your part.
    Below is what two of the most well-respected, well-liked, most sought after gentlemen in the history of business and marketing (who have sold billions of dollars in goods and services, and who are in the Living Legends section of your FCS course) have to say about your unprecedented FCS project …
In his brilliant First Contact Secrets, Chip Tarver reveals important things that you won’t learn at school, won’t read in any other book, and must know in order to achieve success at business.  It’s an incredibly helpful book.  I’d say that for a business owner, it’s mandatory reading.

Jay Conrad Levinson
“The Father of Guerrilla Marketing”


You have less than 7 seconds to successfully make a favorable first impression.   There is no second chance.  This invaluable book reveals many powerful and little-known secrets of successful first contact.

Ted Nicholas
“King of Print”

The Players Testify

These 43 Top Players teach you the all-important skills required for making excellent and profitable first contacts for all your business to business endeavors.
That’s why they all agreed to be in this tell-all course their real, true motivation was to help your business succeed and you’ll use these skills every day in your normal life to bypass your competition, regardless of your industry or business.
Hey – the real truth is this: if you can’t make a successful approach and excellent first business to business contact, you don’t have a prayer of doing deals with anyone or learning the stuff that works.  This business to business stuff is all about people – not products or lists.  It’s all about relationships – and that’s all.  Period …
Your business to business efforts will always flounder and be sub-par … and you’ll be chasing your hopes, dreams, and goals all your life instead of achieving them, if you don’t become a master networker and relationship builder.
Why?  Again, All deals are all about people – not products. 
Believe it … and don’t let any person or sales letter tell you differently …
If you asked any successful Big Players, theyd tell you that over 90% of all first contacts and introductions fail miserably in the first few seconds.

Poof!  your one opportunity is gone! 

One shot  and you missed the target.  You shot yourself in the foot.  You blew it.  And you never get a second chance to make a first impression!
The biggest reason for your failure is ignorance (lack of knowledge) of The Rules.   Now you’ll benefitfrom knowing The Rulesthrough this one comprehensive system.
Can you imagine that?

You Get Exactly One Chance …

 To make that first impression.  Blow it  and you’re done.  A cooked goose …
I sincerely hope you’re tracking along with me here.  I wish I knew the best way to help you believe what I’m telling you is 100% true.  The bottom line is that it is true.  So you can either believe me now, and do something about your situation now, or you can go along and find out for yourself.
I’ve done my part by putting FCS together for you.  You have to do your part by getting your own copy …
First Contact Secrets contains all of the direct answers to your exact questions, and shows you proven examples for getting your foot in the door.  You get great ideas for introductions …  as well as a host of other tips, tricks, and secrets you’ll never learn by yourself.
Hey  if you’re given this chance, why not learn from the very best people actually walking the talk and being hugely successful in highly profitable business to business relationships every day?  These are people making a great living on and off the Net.
Successful businesspeople who’ve learned the hard way will advise you to ‘model’ what you do after other successful people.  Sure – of course – some of it is ego, but the truth is still the truth.  It works.  Copy successful businesspeople.
Someone smarter than me said that “Your net worth is the sum of your network.”  Another person said, “You’re the sum total of the five people you hang around with.”

Theres an Unspoken Secret …

Truth be known, the real reason you can’t easily make a quick, easy, and successful business introduction to the people you need on Your Team is because thers a kind ofunspoken understandingstopping you.
What is it?  The Big Players in any business or industry will only do deals with people they know, like, and trust.  Their reputations and responsibility are far too important to play around with.
Can you blame them?  Can you understand their position?
But their attitude still frustrates you  – doesn’t it …
Business to Business Relationships are mandatory.  This prerequisite protects the Top Players in every online and offline business with a level of security, but this posture also prevents little guys from becoming Big Guys.  People like you, and until a while back, people like me, too.
If you’ll be honest and admit it to yourself, your real problems are:
  • getting to these ‘right’ businesspeople who can help you
  • making the right business to business approach every time
  • making the right business to business introduction every time
  • getting noticed right now among all the noise in the market
  • immediately establishing your business and personal value, and
  • building a profitable business to business relationship
In his brilliant First Contact Secrets, Chip,

What a brilliant and useful idea. So many people waste time because they don’t understand the proper way to make first contact with potential JV partners.

First Contact Secrets will prevent a lot of people from sending out poorly structured communications. It will dramatically increase the odds of the person being approached being more receptive.

People will have more success and make lots more money if they follow the excellent advice provided by the many seasoned veterans in this book.

Willie Crawford

Jay Conrad Levinson
“The Father of Guerrilla Marketing”

Now You’ll Know The Real Deal …


These days, the risk is just too great for any of the top Players (and most other serious, dedicated businesspeople) in any industry to do deals with just anyone who comes by.  They just have too much at stake to play around.  This  makes perfect sense …
Can you really, honestly blame them?
So the chance they would typically let you in on their proven business to business tips and techniques is normally between slim and none.  I’m not being mean here – just honest.  They protect what it took so long to learn and accomplish … or charge you many, many thousands of dollars if they’ll even accept you as a client
This is one of the main reasons you need a copy of FCS in your hands every day …
Because of this fact, and to separate the ‘lookers and tire-kickers’ from the serious people, now the contributors to First Contact Secrets have assembled this important information previously hidden away from you in FCS, your mandatory resource.
These Top Business to Business Entrepreneurs volunteered to bring you our First Contact Secrets Home Study Course without holding back one secret.  Not a single tip is left out.
I asked them all the hard questions … the ones you would ask … so all of their own highly successful methods are plainly spelled out for you.  You can’t get this anywhere else at any price.  Take that to the bank …
When you use First Contact Secrets as your guide, you start to profit from the Big Players business to business wisdom, experience, determination, diligence, and their proven and tested lessons in leveraging personal and business contacts and networking.
You now finally understand how to overcome what’s been stopping you.   Now you can do it, too!
Today is Your Day to really make some progress on your dreams, goals, ambitions, and aspirations, but ONLY IF you are serious and committed enough to quit procrastinating and quit making excuses … and take the necessary steps …


Are you ready?

FCS will work for you.
Yes  the Players definitely reveal all their unique business to business secrets.
Yes they tell you all The Business To Business Rules.

Here are the questions I asked each contributor:
  1. What’s the best way to make a successful initial business to business contact on the first try?
  2. What’s the worst way to make an initial business to business contact, that blows someone’s chances?
  3. What’s the best way to make an initial business to business approach to get noticed right away?
  4. What’s the worst way to make a business to business initial approach, and get ignored?
  5. What are the best kinds of business to business deals to do?
  6. What are the worst kinds of business deals you’d never do?
  7. Are there any business deals you’ve always wanted to do (but no one asked)?
  8. How important are all the little intangibles like being honest, reliable, consistent, getting projects done on time, doing exactly what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it, and all the other little things most people mess up?
(You’ll be amazed at the answers I got to these questions from the 43 contributors!)

Is FCS Really an Important Resource?

Let another world-class contributor tell you about your course in his own words
“Wonder why so many millionaires never even finished college, and so many brand-name MBAs are currently out of work?  There are several reasons. The most important one: The millionaires, when they meet new people, know how to win their acquaintances over in a matter of seconds.   What the millionaires actually dowhen they win others over has been hinted at in print before, but never fully revealed.  Until now.  In fact, the insider knowledge that is clearly spelled out in this book is priceless, no matter what business you’re in.  So, assuming you’re ready to live the good life from here on in, get this book and savor its practical wisdom.”
David Garfinkel
Author, “Killer Copy Tactics”


Now You Can Finally Be Included

Anyone with a decent business idea or product, a bit of determination, and this First Contact Secrets Course can get in the Big Game.  Pay attention.
“For those who study its contents, this course could bring $100,000 or more in additional income from joint venture projects. Some of my clients have made more than one-half million dollars from their joint ventures. In addition, the life experiences shared by the world class contributors could help students of this course avoid making many costly mistakes. This unprecedented work contains powerful strategies, knowledge, techniques and insights you will not find in any other course.”

Dr. Donald Moine
Sales and Marketing Psychologist


“Before you hit a home run on any project, you need to get to first base. That’s why discovering how to make that all-important ‘first-contact’ is critical to striking any joint venture.”
Alex Mandossian

Your First Contacts Home Study Course Is:

  • Mandatory for your business to business success because each contributor outlines the perfect ways to approach, make first contact, and immediately begin to network and do business deals with anyone you want to reach, online or offline.


  • Structured in a chapter-by-chapter format, so it’s easy to read, understand, and use to begin to get connected today.  Some chapters are just a few pages, and some are 30 or 40 pages.  You’ll read them in the order you choose.  You’ll get practical, usable business to business techniques from every chapter.


  • Jam-packed with entertaining, stimulating instructions and extremely powerful examplesfrom the Top Entrepreneurs themselves, so you have an awesome business to business blueprint and roadmap to achieve your desired success and increased profits as soon as you read the chapters.


  • Slammed full of the correct ways to do dealsFCS is full of Insider Secrets never previously revealed to anyone, and you cannot find elsewhere.


  • Entirely different than anything you ever seenInstead of a pure paraphrase or collection of my opinions, this course was written by the Players themselves.  You get all their business to business information firsthand, with nothing held back.  Don’t rely on some flimsy ebook with the opinions of a few people.  Get FCS and know from the business champions how they do it – and precisely how you can, too.


  • Effectively teaches you all the secrets of making successful and profitable first contacts with businesspeople you need to reach, whomever they are, wherever they are, and whether you make first contacts in person, by phone, or by email.


  • You discover the most important money making skills you never had before right now all in one amazing course.  Because the Contributors in this course have generated billions of dollars in business to business sales, they’re the teachers you truly need to help you learn how to get started on your road to success and fulfillment.  
  • The #1 way to get connected to businesspeople by NOT contacting them.
  • 4 hush-hush business to business secrets most other marketers hope you never find out.
  •  Why adding information to your contacts will lower your chances!
  • Something very crucial (and unusual) you must do in every first contact before you even begin!
  •  And there’s more …
  • 16 ways to make sure your offer gets read despite the flood of competitors!
  • What the “absolute worst advice” is … and how falling for it can be hazardous to your wealth and your business to business efforts!
  • The #1 thing you should never-ever do  and what you should do instead!
  • 7 points you must consider before you make your first business to business contact!
  • How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of making first contacts!
  • The #1 way to get a better deal than you asked for! (You’ll be amazed when you learn this!)
  • What 3 words you must never use in your offer if you want do the deal!
  • 15 business to business strategies for promoting hard-to-sell ideas.
  • And still more …
  • The #1 best way ever discovered to meet the SuperStars  and do it fast!
  • How to make sure your email doesn’t kill the deal!
  • How to get an “inside edge” even 9 out of 10 real competing marketers don’t know about!
  • 3 things you should never even think about doing!
  • 5 deadly business to business mistakes even the most experienced marketers make when selling their ideas – and how to avoid them!
  • The business advice many popular ebooks give that is absolutely 100% wrong!
  • 9 important points you should always consider in your business to business partnerships!
  • What you can do if your first contact is less successful than you hoped, and how to recover from a bad first contact! 
Now look at these nuggets from Our 43 Top Gun Contributors from their actual chapters:

(Click a link below to see the first page of the Contributor’s chapter) 

Ted Nicholas – Ted Nicholas, who has sold over $4 billion worth of goods, tells you about an asset that can be worth a fortune to you.  And the best part is, it wont cost you a dime!Priceless …

Joe Sugarman  Joe Sugarman, a direct marketing genius who set the standard for selling high-priced gadgets through magazine ads, tells you the one huge mistake you probably make, ruining your chances of ever getting in with the Big Guy and Gals – the real Players.
Jay Conrad Levinson  Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, gives you a specific list of ways to succeed rapidly doing all of the things other marketers don’t do.
Alex Mandossian Alex Mandossian, the Master at pulling more cash from your website traffic, reveals the seven things you should never do when making first contact with anyone.  Amazing …
Alexi Neocleous  Alexi Neocleous, one of the top marketers in Australia, explains how to approach the Big Fish using his system for getting a meeting with  and ultimately winning  virtually any client you want.

Armand Morin Armand Morin, an amazing and prolific product creator and brilliant marketer, tells you exactly how to contact anyone you wish to reach.

Bruce Safran Bruce Safran, a well-respected international attorney, reveals the Three Legal Secrets About Joint Venturing You Must Know.
Carl Galletti  Carl Galletti, a world-class copywriter and Internet Marketing Seminar host, reveals the real fact that when you make first contact, you’re actually selling something form the start, and how to start off great!
Charlie Page  Charlie page, The Ezine King, explains how to make a great first contact by making it a good verbal sales letter.
Chris Bloor / Conny Y. Torney The Australian Direct Response Industries’ “Dynamic Duo” explain exactly how to understand the people you contact and how to open the relationship rather than just close the sale.
Dan Janal  Dan Janal, a professional marketer for many years, explains exactly how NOT to treat an affiliate or a Joint Venture partner.
Dan Klatt  Dan Klatt, an expert on interpersonal relationships, reveals the secrets of forming and nurturing relationships with the people you need to work with to be successful easily and quickly.
David Garfinkel  David Garfinkel, a veteran copywriter and marketer explains the time-tested methods you need to know to create or offer value before expecting or asking anything in return.  Really good …
Dawn Holman  – Dawn Holman, a well-respected International Marketer, consultant, and copywriter gives step-by-step instructions on joint venturing, selling, negotiating, clarity of intent and purpose when making first contact,  knowing what you want, and what your potential partner wants.
Declan Dunn Declan Dunn, an amazing marketer who works with many of the Fortune 500 companies, describes how to make correct first contact by creating a scenario where both parties win.  You need this …
Dr. Donald Moine  Dr. Donald Moine, a well-respected marketer, coach, author, and consultant, describes exactly how to become a multi-millionaire coach or joint venture partner  even if you think you can’t …
George McKenzie  George McKenzie, famous TV personality, seminar host, and best-selling author, explains in detail how to do things for others they cant or won’t do for themselves.
Jason Potash  Jason Potash, an amazing programmer, author, teleseminar host, and JV Master goes into great depth on the primary goal of the person initiating contact – using whatever they can to entice the other party to help them achieve their goals faster, more efficiently and with a lot less effort.  Super important experience speaking …
Jimmy D. Brown Jimmy D. Brown, the undisputed King of Viral Marketing, ebook publishing, and email marketing reveals his secrets for MAXIMIZING you and your partners  resources in order to quickly profit in profound ways.
Dr. Joe Vitale Joe Vitale, best-selling author of many books including the Hypnotic Marketing series, reveals proven, tested results concerning the length and content in your sale copy …
Joel Christopher  Joel Christopher, known as The Master List Builder, best-selling author, and Internet Workshop host, explains how to build your relationships before beginning your marketing efforts.
John Assaraf John Assaraf, self-made millionaire, best-selling author, and Great Dad, explains how to correspond with people who just want to know “the deal,” and nothing else.
John Reese  – John Reese, an incredible marketer who has quietly done monstrous deals, generated over a billion visitors to his sites, and who’s made millions of dollars, tells you his specific methods to accelerate your success right now.
Len Thurmond  – Len Thurmond, Master Marketer and Expert in Affiliate Marketing gives you his recommendations on the top ways to join forces with other people and accomplish your goals on a daily basis.
Marc Harty  Marc Harty, an established expert in getting strategic traffic to your website details how to create an offer that is something tangible, and even irresistible …
Marlon SandersMarlon Sanders, educated in psychology, and one of the pioneers of Internet Marketing, reveals the specific ways so many people make terrible, fatal mistakes when approaching him or other marketers, and how you can avoid these huge blunders right now.  Brilliant !
Michel Fortin  Michel Fortin, a very well respected copywriter from Canada, explains (among many other great tips) how to create your elevator speech and use it as your real key to your success.  It’s all here, all spelled out for you.
Mike Litman Mike Litman, radio show host and best-selling author, tells you exactly why doing your research prior to making your first contact is so crucial to your acceptance and success, and what to do …

Mitch Meyerson  Mitch Meyerson, psychologist, coach, author, and expert Guerilla Marketer tells you specific ways that many people make first contacts the wrong way, and how to do it right the very first time.
Pamela DunnPamela Dunn, High Performance Coach, professional speaker and trainer, reveals how your first contacts are like getting a first date in a social setting, and how to make it work for you every time …
Paul Myers Paul Myers, one of the top copywriters working today, tells you specifically how to model your first contacts in a big-picture overview from front to back.  All meat and no filler for you …
Perry Marshall Perry Marshall, a well-established expert on the secrets and intricacies of Google AdWords tells you which of your instincts to trust when approaching other marketers or being approached by them.
Randy Charach  Randy Charach, Canadian author and expert niche marketer, tells you how to reach marketers who are always ‘so busy,’ how to get to the bottom-line, how to get to the point, and how to say your ideas clearly right away.  Top-shelf info here …
Randy Gilbert  Randy Gilbert, radio show host and expert on becoming an Amazon best selling author, tells you precisely how to make powerful friends and enlist their help in selling your products.
Raymond McNally Raymond McNally describes the important ways to make sure your first contact with people accomplishes your main purpose and your main objective, because you probably won’t get a second chance.
Roger C. Parker  Roger C. Parker, well-known and respected author and marketer, reveals the correlation between first impressions and the way relationships ultimately turn out, and how to tructure them right.
Scott Aughtmon Scott Aughtmon, author of an incredible book on prospering in a recession reveals four specific ways to be sure your email is not deleted before it gets read.
Stephen Pierce Stephen Pierce, an amazing and fast-rising marketer reveals the real keys to unlocking relationships that will elevate your life and business through understanding the ways people gravitate towards those people who can solve their most immediate and pressing problems … Very smart advice …
Steve Tanner Steve Tanner, expert on creating JV letters that pull results, talks about why business relationships can be one of the hardest techniques to break into, especially if you’re new to the game and you’re trying to get your foot in the door, and what to do first.
Tony Ostian  Tony Ostian, a first-class web copywriter reveals his specific list of questions you must know the answers to, before you start marketing your product or service to your target customers.
Willie Crawford Willie Crawford, well-respected author, marketer, and seminar host gives you his personal advice on how to get connected to the right people the very first time you try.  A smart marketer, for sure …
Yanik Silver Yanik Silver, an amazing and very well respected Internet Marketer, author, and product creator, divulges for the first time how and why conversion rates and visitor values are crucially important in attracting the Top Guns. Yanik cuts to the chase …
Chip Tarver Chip Tarver, author of this FCS course and its in-the-trenches case study, reveals his specific secrets learned while creating this course, which will put you on the road to success. Chip explains in minute detail exactly what he did every step of the way in creating this groundbreaking First Contact Secrets Home Study Course, giving you all his specific tips and instructions on How you can really make all this stuff work for YOU …
Contact Logs – every chapter has contact logs, email logs, phone call logs, and to do lists for every author and every chapter.  Keep all your contact info in one neat place where it’s easy to find and use.  Really practical stuff …
  • Most of us are trained to view business as a “logical” endeavor. To an extent it is, but it’s far more organic than most of us are willing to admit.  Somehow or another we get conditioned to think that we need to think with our heads and ignore our intuition.  But our feelings, intuition and hunches are usually very reliable when it comes to deciding who to do business with – and who not to. My chapter is about listening to those hunches.

    Perry Marshall


    “It’s not always about what you know but who you know. And for the first time ever – you’ll learn how to correctly approach some of the sharpest business people and marketing minds in the world.  No doubt about it, Chip Tarver’s one-of-a-kind book is mandatory reading for anyone that wants a smarter and faster way to financial success.”

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  • I’ll take 100% of all the risk. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied and delighted with ‘First Contact Secrets’ within the next 90 days, simply send your copy back and I will refund every penny of the purchase price (NOTE: less shipping costs. FCS package must be returned in new condition and original packing, just as it was sent to you.)  
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