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Jay Abraham Offers You $10,000 of His Time FREE!
Business Building Teleconference w/Jay Abraham, Marketing Genius

That is NOT a typo. Miss this free event and your backside will be black and blue from you kicking yourself. Two-Hour Teleconference and Business-Building Workshop with Marketing Phenomenon Jay Abraham, Super Consultant to The Business Stars …

Only For Our First Contact Secrets Visitors and Subscribers Who Get On The Call Fast – Hear Super Consultant, Jay Abraham Live; Two Hours Only. This is something very special, very exclusive.

You are invited to participate on a “one-of-a-kind,” LIFE CHANGING, Business-Building Workshop. Due to limited availability, we can only get 1,000 highly-motivated entrepreneurs and professionals on it.

It’s Thursday, August 4th, 2005 starting at 2:00PM Pacific (5:00pm Eastern) — via convenient teleconference call tie in.


It’s our “Value Added” gift to fast-acting, loyal subscribers who enroll quickly.

Marketing Guru Wants To Help You

When you hear who is conducting this FREE* two-hour business growth workshop AND the amazing topics he is covering, you’ll move mountains to be one of the few people on our list who experiences and benefits from this amazing event.

þ The person conducting the complete workshop is considered the greatest business marketing experts on the planet – Jay Abraham!

þ I’ve sung his praises numerous times before. But a lot of you never got the chance to experience Jay’s wildly profitable ideas — because his products were priced so high it intimidated you.

þ For those of you who don’t know, Jay is the highest paid, most remarkably successful marketing SUPER CONSULTANT on the planet. At $5,000 an hour — $40,000 a day — Jay Abraham is ordinarily priced out of the realm of affordability for all but the most successful, wealthy, or high income entrepreneurs.

þ People like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Nightingale Conant, Fran Tarkenton, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily — all turned to Jay for money-making ideas and wealth-building advice. He’s made them millions.

I’ve known people to each pay Jay millions of dollars in one year, because he made them tens of millions of dollars or more!

Jay knows more ways to make you money, in more areas of business (and business start-ups) than any one else in the world. His ability to come up with brilliant, fresh, ingenious, and “wickedly lucrative” ways to market his client’s products, services and professional services — on and off line — is even more amazing.


He took $20,000 a year startup idea called Icy Hot to $13 million in 18 “fast track” months.

He took Jim Cook’s $300,000 a year brokerage business to $500 million in two years.

He took Entrepreneur Magazine from $700,000 to $8,000,000 in an incredible nine month’s time.

He made David Hall a “staggering” $35 million in 18 months.

He gave Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield the idea for “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

He made Vic Conant $900,000 in 60 days, then $10 million more — in the next 15 months.

Double Your Business

I can go on and on for pages. But you get the idea.

The man is uncanny in his ability to make people like you vast fortunes. It doesn’t matter how small or modest the current business. It’s the size of its potential that’s important to Jay.

He can show almost any business owner how to double or redouble their income in 12 months or less.

I’m sure he can show you, too.

He can teach salesmen or saleswomen, business owners, P & L responsible managers … and any entrepreneur eager to start or buy a new business, tons of ways to amass small fortunes.


No One Else Knows All This

You know the old story about the car mechanic who’s called in after every other mechanic failed?

He listens to the engine for a few minutes, then hauls off and gives a big swift kick in a certain strategic spot.

Lo and behold, the engine starts purring like a kitten. The mechanic turns around, gives the car owner his bill for $400. The owner is flabbergasted and demands an itemized breakdown.

The mechanic’s bill reads:
“$1 for my time, and $399 for knowing where to kick.”

Jay Abraham knows exactly “where-to-kick” when it comes to selling, promoting and marketing any and every kind, form, or type and size of business, product or service — online and off.

Jay knows how to sell high ticket items, low ticket items, tangible, intangible, wholesale, retail, professional services, distributors, manufacturing goods, raw materials investments, new ideas, startups. You name it! Jay knows how to sell zillions of things. He knows how to sell over 10,000 different products and services — including (I’m certain) whatever your company or business markets and sells, too.

Jay knows how to sell peoples’ products and services in inventive new ways that frequently makes them many times more money than they’ve ever made in the past.

Depending on the market, he knows how to get dozens of other businesses, publications, associations, websites, e-mail lists, even TV or radio stations to sell your products for you — without paying them a dime for advertising.

He knows how you can actually “give away” free info and turn all the inquiries into millions of dollars of “back-end” sales. Jay knows how to help you tie up the rights to other people’s products/services using no money out of your pocket.

He knows over 100 different ways to successfully sell online and offline.

He knows The Power of Referrals

He knows over 93 ways to generate referral business. He knows over twelve ways to create new products and services instantly with zero investment on your part.

Jay knows over 50 ways to make money from giving your prospects free samples/experience.

In fact, Jay is the only person I know who has sold both millions of inexpensive products/services as well as millions of high-priced, sophisticated products/services; both tangible and intangible, alike!

The wildly profitable things he can teach you are amazing.

And now this “idea-a-minute” marketing genius has agreed to open up his marketing secrets and fortune building spigot exclusively for my subscribers — at absolutely no cost to you!

That’s why we pulled out ALL the stops, to get Jay to do a two-hour long teleconference workshop for us on Business Building Jay Abraham-style and Money Making Made Easy.

I promised Jay a lot of you would greatly appreciate him helping you, without asking to be paid for doing it. (Because his FREE live workshop will probably produce hundreds of new success stories — including yours).

Then I think, you’ll be eager to give back to Jay in the future — by purchasing one or more of his exceptional products, services or programs.


Because you should be able to easily pay for any (or all) of them out of a small fraction of the “profit bonanza” Jay makes you from this FREE two hour long conference session.

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

We think this experience will provide you with the missing piece of the marketing and business building “profit puzzle” you desperately seek.

It will give you the critical answers you want.

It will solve the major marketing, promotional and sales issues you are struggling with. It will give all of you who read my past endorsements about Jay a chance to experience — first hand, his money making brilliance — Without Investing A Cent.

Quite frankly, Jay Abraham is a no-nonsense, figure-out-the-answers (roll up his sleeves to get it done for you), “make things happen” Business Building Super Star.

You’d ordinarily never get him to do this without paying a ton.

But you are invited to spend two-fast paced hours — via teleconference call — with Jay Abraham this one time-ONLY…


Time allowing, you will be able to ask Jay questions at the end of the second hour. You may get him to show you how to restructure your entire marketing methods or business approach.

You may even get Jay creating actual “quick fix” marketing strategies for you on-the-spot! You will DEFINITELY have him teaching you some of his most closely guarded marketing secrets for two thoroughly enriching hours.

This really IS a lifetime opportunity. Recently, Jay did a general marketing seminar in Los Angeles for 650 people. Each paid $5,000 to be there.

Nearly 100 more couldn’t get in. Over 750 people paid $2,000 just for the tapes of that program. He regularly sells out his $25,000 events, too!

But, as my valued FCS blog reader you don’t have to pay anything other than your nominal line charges to be on both hours of this exclusive teleconference session.

But – to be a part of this extraordinary money-making, 2-hour experience – you MUST REGISTER IMMEDIATELY!

Having Jay Abraham FREE for two long enriching hours, focused 100% on “fast track”- business building is a dream come true. But the nightmare is the fact that we only have 1,000 lines available on the conference.

We have thousands of people on our list ALL reading this invitation at the same time.

Whoever signs up first gets in. Whoever waits doesn’t! Apologies, but that’s all we could arrange.

Impressive Credentials

Jay has been lavishly written about in forty-five major newspapers and business magazines. USA Today wrote not one, but TWO impressive articles in their prestigious Money Section about him. Success wrote five articles about Jay, one called him “possibly the greatest marketing mind alive today.”

Entrepreneur wrote two, Investor’s Business Daily wrote twice on Jay in their prestigious Success and Leaders sections. One appeared right after Bill Gates.

The other appeared right before Jack Welch. Forbes called Jay “the real thing.” And said, “he turns under performing corporations into marketing and sales whizzes.”

Here’s your one (and maybe only-ever) chance to participate on a two-hour, high level teleconference seminar conducted by Super Consultant Jay Abraham … and not pay a cent to attend.

This really IS a $10,000 value.

Why? Because an hour of Jay’s time goes for $5,000, nearly double that and the experience is worth $10,000.

If you know how to jump on opportunity – Jump on this.

By the way, there IS one “stipulation” to this offer.

You MUST participate for both hours – if you register.

And you MUST interact with Jay when he asks for responses, questions and marketing issues critical to your success. But since we expect every line to fill up, and have a waiting list of thousands more – anyone who signs up, but doesn’t show up will be penalized for taking the opportunity away from someone else who would fully use and value it.

We’re doing this special “added-value” teleconference session for business people on our list who take action, implement and follow through. So don’t sign up unless you plan on showing up and using your full opportunity we’ve made possible.

Other than that reasonable request, the program is absolutely FREE and open to the first 1,000 who register from our list.

Best of Success to you.

One more thing. It’s exciting. When you register and get confirmation, Jay will send you an enriching 87 Question self diagnostic assessment tool, entitled, “How Does Your Business Stack Up?” You’ll know before you even get on the call where your biggest opportunity and financial bonanzas lie.


PS – Here is a summary of the information you need to sign up NOW for Jay Abraham’s two hours long Wealth Track Teleconference Call.

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How To Participate: When you’ve completed the online registration form a confidential dial in number and special password will be e-mailed back to you for your exclusive use-only.

Charge: FREE to Business Owners who sign up and show up.

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Do it now.

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