Yes – these disclaimer pages are necessary now days because there are too many less-than-truthful people out here on the Net marketing all kinds of nonsense that really won’t help anyone.

“First Contact Secrets” is not that type of product, and there is no hype on the index.html page because I hate hype. “FCS” does exactly what it promises – it teaches you how to contact people easily on your first try. It accomplishes this by having 43 international business people and entrepreneurs teach you the way they do it.

And they are wonderful teachers …

That said, you and I both know that any product is only as good as the product itself and the time, energy, and effort you yourself devote to learning and using it. “FCS” is no different. Not knowing if you’ll do anything at all with the course if you buy it, I therefore can’t and won’t make any warranties or guarantees to you, other that FCS does what it promises to do, and you’ll learn the truly important content and receive the benefits it contains if you put forth the effort.

This is also why I include the consulting certificates with each sale.

I want you to read FCS, learn the info, and use it to your best ability. But I make no claims, warranties, or guarantees – expressed or implied – as to the merchantability or fitness of this info for your particular situation simply because I have no way to guarantee you’ll apply the FCS information. Use FCS to your best advantage.

I will tell you that as of this date I’m updating this FCS site in July 2005, I’ve had 2 returns of the product.