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The First Contact Secrets B2B Affiliate Program

Let’s assume you have a B2B web site that already appeals to a business, professional or entrepreneurial audience. Are you interested in supplementing your income with a professional program with high value information any professional can use?

If that’s the case, add First Contact Secrets to your list of recommended products!

What’s my cut?
You receive 30 percent on every purchase and an additional 10% on any sales that your own affiliates refer.

When do I get my money?
The payout period is based on a calendar month, and there is no minimum payout! This means that every month you make a sale, you receive a check the following month around the 15th. If you prefer a higher minimum payout because you live outside the U.S. (or for some other reason), you may request this, too.

Affiliates are paid by check or through PayPal (your choice.)

How do you keep track of things?
This B2B affiliate program is managed by Ultimate Affiliate Manager. When you send a customer to find out more about the First Contact Secrets program using the link we give you, a specially coded cookie is placed on that customer’s computer. When the customer then buys any time within a full 365 days, you receive credit for their purchase. You may also choose to be notified by e-mail of each purchase through one of your links.

How do I know How Well I’m Doing?
As soon as you sign up and get approved you’ll have a login name and password enabling you to check on recent and cumulative sales, commissions paid and owed to you, etc. Ultimate Affiliate keeps track of everything.

Are there any things I can’t do?
The primary rule you need to abide by is NO SPAM. When you enroll in the FCS affiliate program, you’ll see a description of activities that count as spam, which you must avoid in connection with the promotion of my FCS products. Spamming gets you expelled from the program, immediately and permanently. You’d receive any commissions earned before you spammed, but none afterwards.

I use email marketing can I use the still use my link?
So long as your B2B e-mail newsletter is “opt-in” (the only people who receive the newsletter are those who have specifically subscribed to it), yes. In fact, my own experience is that more people may respond to an enthusiastic endorsement in an e-mail newsletter than to the same message at a Web site. If you have creative ideas for promoting online B2B training or different marketing copy, please let me know. I can also set up special promotions for your customers. Call me and we can design a program specific to your customers.

Suppose we want to promote just one of your courses specifically?
In that case, I can tell you how to link directly to a product sales MiniSite. In some cases this involves linking to a separate page describing that offer; whatever sales page your customers are sent to marks them as your customers for any of the sales pages, so you will always receive commissions, whether now or later.

Are there any special requirements for me to join your affiliate program?
Anyone who already has a B2B web site or a B2B client/prospect list can apply to join. I will look at your site to make sure of reasonable compatibility between your site visitors and possible interest in my products. It is in your interest and mine to ensure a good match that will send appropriate traffic. I reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason, and in the future to limit or close down new participation altogether.

Do you charge affiliates to join?
Absolutely not! You need to apply and be approved, but there is no fee to join. It’s a risk-free opportunity to earn extra income.

Anything else I should know?
Just that I make no promises about your earnings potential from participating in this FCS affiliate program, or that the technology we all depend on won’t have its own ‘issues’ from time to time. No one can guarantee you these things (and tell the truth.)

Don’t Hesitate …