B2B Tip #40 – Testing and Tracking
Should you test your headlines, copy, offer, price points, etc.?


Should you track your results?


Problem is …

Most testing and tracking programs are expensive, difficult and time-consuming to implement and manage (take a ton of time) and … the kicker … can you really trust the results they give you?

Another problem … most (if not all) of these sorts of program and services give you a bunch of numbers as your results, and don’t tell you how to understand the data, track your trends, or implement the correct changes to consistently improve your results.

So … in a word … YES – you should do both testing and tracking. But to keep your budget in line and your sanity intact, you can test headlines, offers, copywriting, etc. without going through all the headaches.

Set up separate landing pages for every offer. Or set up different email autoresponders for every offer. Or do both of these. Sure, you can re-use the text in each one (if it works) – so after the setup is done, just watch your results.

Also, print out every promotion and keep it in a regular ol’ file folder so you can quickly compare ads and results at any time … jusy copy n paste it, or use your PrintScreen function.

(And throw enough traffic at your offer to make the results mean something.)

When someone comes up with a real solution that is inexpensive, easy and fast to use and maintain, gives you results you can trust and advice on how to improve your numbers – I’d sure like to see it … hook me up as a beta-tester for this thing …

To get yourself removed from the testing and tracking trials and tribulations – that would be definitely something worth seeing.

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