B2b Tip #39 – NotePad, the David among Goliaths
Today we have a short tip/technique blend …

MS Word, and its associated competition, are the Goliaths of the word processing world. For what they are designed to do, they are extremely proficient.

One little reliable friend that seems to be forgotten by many is the David of our story, NotePad. Residing humbly in the typical Windows Start/Accessories folder, NotePad waits patiently for its day to shine.

For me, that’s every day …

I use NotePad every day. How?

I have a single NotePad file that contains my sig files, urls, descriptions, and the like. When I need one of those, I bring up NotePad, select what I want, and use the happy little copy and paste combo.

In addition, I dump tons of text into other NotePad files to strip away all the formatting and junk I don’t want when I don’t want it. We’ll cover other valuable NotePad uses in future tips.

So, all in all, NotePad is a trusty little friend you should use.


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PS – I just copied that sig file from a NotePad file I keep open all the time … 😉 …