B2B Tip #37 – “Love Is The Killer App”
In Tim Sanders’ wonderful 2002 book of this same name (Crown Business Publishers) Tim takes us on an adventure designed to teach us how to win business and influence friends.

Wait a minute … isn’t that backwards?

Aren’t we taught to win friends and influence people?

Or is this really backwards?

Tim calls himself and people like him a new breed of businessperson called a “LoveCat.”

Hmmmm …

Tim breaks down his wonderful book into four main sections:

1. The Lovecat Way
2. Knowledge
3. Network
4. Compassion

Each of these sections takes you to a new way to do business. A very new way to do business … where it’s all about people and relationships instead of greed and avarice.

I highly recommend this book to you.

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