B2B Tip #36 – Are Forums a Waste of Your Time or Not?
In a word (2) … yes and no.

Online Forums – of any type – have a wonderful opportunity to be a rich place of amazing knowledge, exchanged freely in the spirit of helping one another …

… Or they can be a groups of thinly-veiled advertising posts.

Most forum are both of these things.

Forums are typically run by their moderator(s) – many times the owner of the forum.

Too much freedom = too much board spam.

Too much censorship = too few participants.

In addition, most forums typically have their share of neighborhood bullies hiding in the hedges of the forum waiting for it to get dark enough that they can jump out and say, “BOO!”

It seems to come with the territory.

On some forums, different opinions are valued and respected. On others – don’t you dare disagree with some of the ‘regular posters’ or they’ll do their best to set you on fire (flame you.)

It’s all a “Power Trip” for some people …

In the end – decide for yourself.

Take any topic (like Internet Marketing) … add the word ‘forum’ to it, and put that phrase in any reasonably reliable search engine. You should get a list returned of many different forums for you to look at.

If you just hang around (lurk) … you can see the temperature of the board.

If you post, always try to establish yourself as a person who is helpful first and promotional second. Only offer product suggestions when they meet the need of a specific post.

In a word – have fun with it – and then decide for yourself if it was a good use of your time (or not.)

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