This is a shorty here …

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of talking to someone who – as soon as you begin a conversation and he or she replies the first time – is a ‘know-it-all’ … just say NEXT.

You’ll meet people online and offline who think they are Legends in Their Own Mind.

I had the distinct displeasure of talking to a potential client here … who to show me how much he knew about Internet marketing, search engine marketing, and such – typed his own company name into a search box, and was quite proud when he came up as the top listing.

“That’s cheating,” I said. “Every company should come up first when they type their own name in a search box. What you did was a ‘lookup’ – not a search.”

“Well – we know what we’re doing, and we don’t need anyone else’s help,” was his reply.

You can’t effectively work with people whose ego is so big they always walk in its shadow.

Learn to say “NEXT” and go on.

© Chip Tarver
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