B2B Tip #29 – In the Eye of the Beholder
What does the title of this post mean?

“The value of virtue is directly tied to the eye of the beholder” …

In other words, you only add value to someone if they think you do.

“Why should I care?” you ask?

Well … the only way to get into the enviable position where you can do business with people (e.g. JVs or otherwise) is to add value to their life. Plain and simple …

“How do I do that? you ask?”

Simple … do at least one of these three things:

1. Do something for them they cannot do …
2. Do something for them they will not do …
3. Do something for them they just don’t feel like doing …

That’s how … 😉 …

Otherwise, you’re just noise in the marketplace … trying to be heard above the cacophany of other voices shouting as loud as they can.

If you can establish your value, you arrest people’s “Why should I care” mindset and get them to thinking about what you want them to think about.



Your door is now open.

So – know your deal, know your skills, know your offer. Then you’ll know value’s virtues and be able to capitalize on them on a daily basis.

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